Hempistani Trading LLP

Hempistani Trading  LLP is a joint venture initiative by three alike minds who had prevalent credence towards eradicating the stigma about hemp as a whole. It is a brainchild of the three partners to explore this multi-billion-dollar hemp industry, which holds the potential to bring along prosperity to several other sectors. 

By integrating the new technologies with traditional processes, Hempistani presses on to expand the possibilities of hemp production and use. While providing a greater awareness of this industrial plant, which has spun usable fiber more than hundreds of centuries ago, the entrepreneurs of Hempistani look forward to offering a reliable marketplace for consumers of hemp. 

Who are we?

With the society trending towards a bio-sustainability, we aspire to do our best for the growth and development of the hemp industry.

We hope to accomplish this by:

  • By informing and educating the people about the benefits of hemp.
  • By molding a community of businesses and organizations to facilitate the growth of the industry.
  • By collaborating with the government and scientific community for creating and implementing certifications and standards for hemp use.
  • By coordinating with farmers, manufacturers, and retailers for a direct relationship with the domestic industry.

By providing professional consultation and education about the benefits of hemp to producers entering the hemp industry, we strive to build sustainable hemp commerce.

Our Vision:

Hempistani is a platform to connect the various hemp-based businesses across the world to provide their customers access to the best hemp-based products. We offer an e-commerce platform for products, and comprehensive, and digital marketing solutions to hemp-based businesses.

Hempistani is a limited partnership company registered under the Registrar of Companies (RoC-Delhi) as HEMPISTANI TRADING, LLP incorporated on August 7, 2019. Corporate Identification Number (CIN) AAP-8423.