420 Live Steam Episode 2 – Medical Cannabis and CBD

420 Live Steam Episode 2 – Medical Cannabis and CBD

An interesting fact: about 7 billion people have googled about CBD and THC in the past 5 years. Still, there are a lot of those who aren’t aware of what CBD is, and its benefits. Currently, in India CBD is legal. It is also excluded from the banned substance list by the WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) that is affiliated with the Olympic. It oversees matters such as the medical Drug-related history of a sportsperson. India has NADA. It is the Indian version of the anti-doping agency.

Moving on to commonly asked questions…

Q: What exactly is CBD? What does it do? and what type of CBD does exist in the market?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another compound found in products based on hemp/cannabis. Apart from THC, there is CBD, CBG, CBN and 100 + Cannabinoid compounds. It has some promising effects in terms of relaxing anxiety, stress, depression, epilepsy, and many other ailments too.

Q: How many different types of products exist?

At the moment in the Indian market, there are three different types of CBD products.

  1. First, we have Full Spectrum CBD oil. Each and every component is included in the CBD oil including THC, however, the THC amount is 0.3% or lesser as per the NDPS Act.
  1. The second one is the broad spectrum. This particular compound contains CBD and other cannabinoids including THC but in very very less amounts. Micro traces will be found inside the broad spectrum CBD oil. It is also accessible and is available in India right now.
  1. The third one is the CBD isolate. It is pure 100% CBD.

Q: For what reason do we have these three types?

Every individual reacts differently. Some people have reactions to THC. Some prefer to have less THC in the compound because they wish not to get high. Some are not accustomed to certain Cannabinoids. According to their preferences, CBD products have been introduced in the market. So, globally these are the three types of CBD available in the market from full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

Q: How to procure CBD?

To procure CBD oil you will require a prescription from a certified Ayush doctor who will certify you and provide you the prescription. It is because the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 clearly states that this type of medication does require a prescription. If you have the prescription you can get CBD oil. You may go ahead and start the treatment as per what the physicians prescribe in relevance to the potency you prefer. Regarding isolate and broad-spectrum you do not need any prescription. One can buy it directly from our website. We have varieties of CBD oil and other products that you can try out and see how it works.

Q: How is Medical Cannabis different?

Cannabis that we see in the United States, UK, and America, the medical Cannabis is dedicated to mainstream Cannabis. But here in India in terms of medical Cannabis, there is a slight difference, because the Cannabis medication is based on ayurvedic formulation.

Q: Why is it available in Ayurvedic formulation?

Ayush ministry wishes to promote ayurvedic medication. It is something to agree with because the ayurvedic medication is mostly plant-based medication, it contains other benefitting elements. These are the reasons in India most of the Medical Cannabis that you are going to have will contain some other plant-based materials to make an enhanced version of the medication.

Q: From where do we easily access the prescription?

Anyone can access it easily from our website. We have multiple health experts available at Ask Health Professionals. You can visit professionals via our website and we have a section under which you may seek the help of these professionals. You can book a consultation with your preferred doctor depending on your requirement. Then you can get the online prescription instantly once you are done with the consultation. Followed by this, you can go ahead and order the medication from our website. If you face any sort of uncertainty, we will be more than happy to help you out.

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