420 Live Stream Episode 3 – How Sustainable and Profitable industry It Is.

420 Live Stream Episode 3 – How Sustainable and Profitable Industry It Is.

Tired of basic fabric materials? Hemploom India is a company that manufactures one of the leading hemp products related to textiles, hemp sheets, towels, hemp masks, etc. Masks are one of the best-selling products. They began in 2020 with the face mask, later on, developed other products like bedsheets, kitchen towels, table runners, and bathroom-related products like towels. Now they have stepped into manufacturing fabrics too.

Hemploom offers several products made with hemp. Mask that they offer has two layers, the first layer is made of hemp and the second layer is cotton! It is very comfortable and breathable. You do not need to take off your mask while speaking. There are plenty of issues with the masks we use like one cannot breathe properly, being itchy, and sweaty. This is something that doesn’t happen with hemp masks. Also, they take help from the artisans providing them with livelihood to manufacture products. They use laborious techniques to promote sustainability.

Furthermore, here are some frequently asked questions….

Q: How sustainable is it and why should one switch to using it?

The best part about the products is that it is Biodegradable. In the beginning, they made another mask that was 30% hemp. In that case, since it had 70% of cotton and hemp in small quantities, the antibacterial efficiency and breathability were less. Then they launched a 100% hemp mask. Being 100% hemp it excludes all the previous shortcomings and introduces with it hypoallergenic benefits of the hemp fabric. Also, their masks, bed sheets, and other products are ISO certified for antibacterial efficiency.

Q: What about the myth that people have of it that it will make you high?

A: When one talks about being high, they are talking about the THC substances like marijuana. But in hemp, the amount of THC  is less than 0.3 % so it doesn’t make you high but instead will give you many health benefits and comfort sleep at night because cannabis is thermal regulating. So it’s also very beneficial for the places with cold and humid climates.

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Q: What’s the size of the bedsheets?

A: They now offer a Queen size bed sheet but are working on other services and designs as well. They have done sampling about products like cushion covers. After that, they plan to move to the fabrication parts, so the fabric is being made on handloom and not power loom.

Q: Which type of fabrication do they use? How is their textile industry?

A: Many are aware of medical Cannabis but the fiber made of them is something that people are not aware of. Even the textile industry is very much dominated by cotton fibers and other petroleum-based fibers like polyester and nylon which are not eco-friendly. Their fabrics are being made through handloom and not power loom. The handloom sector is declining in India because of various reasons. Handloom should be promoted more in the age of mechanization because then action, quality, and consistency remain. It should also be encouraged in terms of generating employment in our country. Also through this, they are helping artisans to make a livelihood.

Q: What are the challenges they faced so far to make these kinds of products?

A: The major challenge in this industry is the misconception about hemp because it comes from Cannabis plants. People are not aware of the benefits of it because it was always under the shadows. It has always been associated with that because it is one of the secret plants we have, there are so many rituals that we align with it but again the stigma that it makes

you high and is psychoactive remains. There are always two sides to a coin. This time, one is hemp and the other is marijuana. People are aware of the marijuana part but unaware of the hemp aspect. These are the types of things that we are trying to help society understand.

A: The inks that they use to print are 100% eco-friendly. Silk sealing printing is also a labor incentive printing technique. Usually, the printing materials that are used in the market are chemical-based. They have reduced the hard chemicals and shifted them to water-based pigments. This makes it better than conventional. They don’t claim it to be 100% organic because few chemicals are needed to make the ink stay on the fabric but they don’t use harsh chemicals that can cause skin problems and other related issues.

Q: What are the benefits of using a hemploom towel as the product?

A: The towel usually available in the market takes up much space in all cupboards. The size of those towels is around 28 inches to 50 inches Q: Why should the customer get the hemp product and not other products that are available in the market?

A: It is very important to understand the quality of fabric from a consumer point of view. There are two types of masks in the market, one is a cotton mask and a surgical-specific lining. Every one of those products comes at different prices and there is a reason behind it. Usually, consumers ask questions as to why the bedsheets are expensive compared to the normal cotton bed sheets. The answer to that is hemp bed sheets are beneficial for you and your family.

Q: What are the major benefits of using their products?

A: The best thing about their products is that they are antibacterial. That is the quality that everyone nowadays is looking for in the product because of the pandemic. Also, the product is biodegradable. It is anti- UV. People nowadays use products with SPF 30+ and SPF 40+. Hemp is known for SPF 99 +. It saves you from UV rays on a very large scale. These are the benefits that speak for themselves.

Q: Can the product be a little cheaper in the upcoming time, so most people can access it?

A: They aspire to do that but the problem is, if we use less than 40% to 30% of hemp in a product, then it won’t be totally biodegradable or completely antibacterial. Because it can’t be. They have a policy of using 60% of hemp or above that in any of their products. They could have used 20% hemp and 80% cotton to release the product at a very reasonable price, but then the major factor or the change that they are trying to achieve from their company would have been lost.

Q: Is this going to be a guilty feel product for environment-friendly customers?

A: Being in sustainability makes you realize that you are at least doing a small portion of the sustainable factor the people are doing around the globe. Just a small initiative that hemploom is trying to achieve. They are coming up with initiatives like if you buy a product you have to plant a tree. Also post removing the fiber from hemp, the crops, leaves, and the remaining parts act as a fertilizer.

Q:  Which type of printing is being used to print the covers and other products?

. Hemploom towels measure 30 inches to 60 inches. Also, because of the complex structure of hemp, the molecules are very tightly packed. The towel itself speaks for a customer because it has the property of quick-drying.

They dry themselves without the sunlight in 2 to 3 hours.

Q: What are future aspects and upcoming products? Is Hemploom planning to launch any new product line?

A: Hemploom will soon launch table runners and cushion covers. Along with that, they are working on posters and small products, for gifting purposes. They are also working on tie and dye, embroidery, and pastel-colored dyes. Also, they are planning to come up with different combos and are tying up with other organic brands. It will help both the companies’ objectives to be together.

They are into upcycle collection now. Everyone should try it once. If you use them you will not switch to anything else. You will love the comfort of happiness that comes from it for you being a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle.

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