420 Live Stream Episode 4 Lets talk about importance of Medical Cannabis in Chronic conditions and Mental Health

420 Live Stream Episode 4 Lets talk about importance of Medical Cannabis in Chronic conditions and Mental Health

Eversince the pandemic has started, the level of stress, anxiety, and depression is at their peak. Since last year there is an increase in patients with insomnia anxiety depression and even patients with ADHD. Before 2 to 3 years people weren’t aware of medical Cannabis and how it could be useful as a cure for several diseases. But at present because of awareness in mass numbers the patients are already aware of CBD and THC, and why they are used for.

Dr. Swapnil Bacchao, with over 10 years of experience treating patients and also medical cannabis educator, shed further light on Ayurvedic Medical Cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

Moving on to some commonly asked questions…

Q: What is the reason for people facing such issues and how can medical Cannabis take care of all these problems?

A: The main reason behind this could be since people were locked up in the home and they couldn’t go out as much as they like to. This has added up to the existing anxiety in most of the patients and also those who were on medication. Lack of exercise and less exposure to sunlight is also the reason since these things are necessary and 30% of sunlight is very important for the human body. The age group that is suffering from insomnia and anxiety is between 20-60 years.

Doctors usually provide medication based on the prescription and the medical history confirming with the drugs patients are taking. It has shown a tremendously positive effect among the people. Previously patients were on antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs but after using cannabinoids specially phytocannabinoids, the dosage of medication they are taking is way less than before.They take medicines once a week or maximum twice a week. Some patients have stopped using antidepressants.

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It is a very good sign. But it should be taken only under proper medical guidance because certain products can cause anxiety and increase psychosis if taken an overdose or in toxic amounts.

Q: How can someone having allopathic medication switch to using ayurvedic medication? Why does switching to Cannabis become a major challenge for them?

A: No one should stop their conventional medication all of a sudden because these medications if stopped suddenly can cause severe depression or severe anxiety. Hence, one should always start having CBD once in 10 days or 16 days.

Once patients start having the positive effect of Cannabis they can taper the use of those conventional medications like 4 days a week then 3 days a week but before stopping completely one must consult with the doctor to go through the analysis and see how their mental state is. Then stop it completely. It’s advisable not to stop taking it completely without any medical advice.

Q: Why is it advised not to stop using conventional medicine all of a sudden? How can they have balanced medication?

A: There are a lot of patients who take medicines such as antidepressants like Clonazepam and Etizolam. These are very potent medications. So it is generally advised not to mix them with CBD or Cannabis. Patients who are on medicines like Etizolam, can be addictive. It can’t be stopped all of a sudden. In that case, the patient may begin with a low dose of CBD like two to three drops based upon what the concentration is.

Along with it, they may continue to take conventional medication without making any changes. Slowly they can increase taking CBD and after reaching a certain dosage one may begin tapering off of all those potential drugs. In the initial days, you take them together but one should never stop all of a sudden.

Q: Some medications like coagulant medication are meant for blood specifically. It is advised not to take any medication along with coagulant medication and some blood-related drugs, so how can we deal with it?

A: Medications like blood thinners and antihypertensive drugs are the drugs patients should look for before starting with the cannabinoids but again it depends upon the dosage of blood thinners the patient has been taking. It’s always safe to take a gap of four to five hours between the dosage, CBD dosage, and other medication.

In these types of patients also micro dosage is recommended. And also it is advised to monitor the international normalized ratio (INR) ratio of patients. In certain medications, it is not advised to take CBD with that but as of yet, any patient isn’t seen whose INR was increased while doing micro-dosing of CBD.

Q: How is microdosing done? The art of micro-dosing?

A: Micro-dosing can be done on allopathy too but most people don’t realise this. It is when doctors prescribed you to take a medicine in a specific amount and not more than that. So people already know what microdosing is.

Q: How can patients be sure that they don’t get into any kind of misorientation or psychotic issues? How can they go ahead and avoid it? Or if they have taken the medication mistakenly, how to cope with it?

A: That’s the main reason for tightening the doses. The threshold for every person is different. 20 to 30 mg of CBD can have a very good effect on anyone or may not affect other people. That’s the reason patients are asked to start with very low doses like 15 or 20 mg and then increase it every week like increasing the dosage with 5 mg. The body will give you messages. If you are taking it for pain or sleep issues, once you start feeling that this dose is right for me, you continue using it in the same amount.

Try not to exceed what is required because certain products that are high in THC can induce acute anxiety if taken more than the required amount. Especially for those patients who have panic attacks, it helps them but taking in excess amount can worsen the existing condition.

Q: People are taking allopathic medicine from the very beginning and it works instantly but cannabis takes time to show its effect. How can people be patient and wait for its benefits to happen?

A: Allopathic medication usually has a very fast effect. Cannabis also has a very fast-acting effect but it is always safer to start using it less in starting days and then slowly increase the amount of it. It is advised to patients to be patient and don’t rush into it because the reaction of cannabinoids is different. Do not rush into it, give it time at least two to three weeks so you know how your body is responding to it. Post 3 to 4 weeks you can take advice from your doctor and then you can go for a higher dosage.

Q: Does activation of the ECS or endocannabinoid system lead to homeostasis?

A: The body produces its endocannabinoids and this chemical brings out homeostasis in our body, the feeling of joy, the feeling of pain, perception, your sleep pattern, your mood, and these receptors are present everywhere in our body. Once this is imbalanced the person may have different symptoms and it differs from person to person light mood disorders, agitations. So once you start taking cannabinoids externally which are phytocannabinoids they are going to balance your ECS and once your ECS is balanced your body will maintain homeostasis. Then the symptoms the patient has been experiencing are decreased. Some patients do have an immediate effect but for permanent effects and long-lasting effects, it takes around two weeks.

Q: Where does a patient get doctors who provide Cannabis as medicine?

A: Anyone can access it easily from our website. We have various doctors available at Ask Health Professionals. You can book a consultation with your preferred doctor depending on your requirement. Then you can get the online prescription instantly once you are done with the consultation.

Q: Can someone get addicted to medical Cannabis or cause addiction post medication?

A: Medical Cannabis is not addictive. It does not cause any withdrawal symptoms but if patients use it for more than 6 months continuously every day then they may feel the need to take it. They won’t face any withdrawal symptoms but since they were used to taking THC, their body may prefer it.

Q: What are CB1 and CB2 receptors?

A: CB1 and CB2 receptors are present in our body. Since our body produces its endocannabinoids these Chemicals go and bind to those receptors. These are the most studied cannabinoid receptors. There are also many more receptors of these chemicals but they are not studied yet. They are present all over the body from the central nervous system to the spinal cord and other organs. This is the reason when you take CBD and THC you not only feel relaxation in the mind and brain but it also has effects like vasodilation and relaxed muscles, peristalsis, and better bowel movements. It is because CB1 and CB 2 receptors are present all over the organs.

Q: What is Allosteric modulation?

A: Allosteric modulation is when the CBD and THC modulate the effect of each other. This is why it is always advised to take a full-spectrum oil in use because it gives you other terpenes and flavonoids and also there are some traces of THC in it. So when taken together, they potentially affect each other and also decrease the side effects. They are advised to take CBD isolate or to take a full-spectrum oil.

Q: In the market, there is CBD Isolate and also the broad spectrum that does not contain any terpenoids or flavonoids. Does taking isolated cannabinoids create any issues or any long-term effects?

A: There is absolutely no side effect. If a patient is in pain or depression they can take CBD but for children, it is not recommended to take it with THC. It is always advisable to take CBD isolate because there are studies that indicate long-term THC in children can cause neurodevelopmental changes. Also, old age patients who have ortho-related problems or patients who take very high doses of hypertensive drugs, those patients are always advised to take CBD isolate.

In conclusion, even oral medication, preference-based cream, or ointment is completely recommended for patients with arthritis. They benefit quite well by using CBD and THC balms because CBD and THC have the property to get absorbed very well and they give instant results.

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