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420 Livestream – Cannabis Based Medicines Over Pharmaceutical Medicines

With the use of medical Cannabis in place of pharmaceutical company-based products, we get a chance to compare and find pros and cons. Hempistani is an e-commerce platform where you can find hemp products originally made in India.

Whole Leaf Organics is a company that also provides medical Cannabis-based products. Whole Leaf Organics has varieties and variants of products based upon the needs of customers.

Founder & CEO Mr. Shivraj Sharma of Whole Leaf Organics interacted with us explaining the realms of medical cannabis and their therapeutic properties compared to conventional pharmaceutical medicine.

Moving on to some frequently asked questions…

Q: What are the major challenges faced while making such products?

A: Sourcing is the major challenging phase. Previously the patients diagnosed with diseases used imported CBD for their treatment and they saw the good effect on themselves. It is very good for anxiety. Anxiety, depression, and insomnia are some issues with which a lot of people are battling. That’s why these products should be present in India since it provides great relief.

Q: What are the products that Whole Leaf Organics offer?

A: The products we have are in 2 categories: the first one is topical and the other can be taken orally. They come in strength low, medium, and strong. The strong is a little much much more potent. It is 4200mg. It is recommended for insomnia, anxiety, and sleeplessness. The strong one is more for neuropathic pain. There is no added flavouring. Then we have rub oil for muscle and joint pain. It is very helpful for patients with rheumatic arthritis who go through strong pain in joints.

Q: Why is pharmaceutical medication much more harmful than any other kind of medication?

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A: There are two main reasons. The first and Foremost reason is their side effects. When you consume those medicines with chemicals it does help you with the current problem but creates other issues that hinder the other natural processes in the body. For example, blood pressure medicines help you control your blood pressure but also restrict the blood flow in other parts of the body. So it can lead to several problems and issues and several dysfunctions in the body. So popping one particular medicine may help you in that particular area but regular use or abuse may lead you to other problems that you didn’t have. Also painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications like disprin. They deal with your current problem but lead to other severe health problems like they may lead to gastronomical ulcers in the stomach, can cause kidney damage, and heart disease. Secondly, the toxicity level: In Pharma products as compared to the natural products the toxicity levels are much higher.

Q: What are the upcoming products?

A: Whole Leaf Organics is working on menstrual pain relief which will have cannabinoids as well as other ayurvedic extraction in them.

Q: The products that Whole Leaf Organics offer are full spectrum. Any particular reason for choosing full-spectrum?

A: These full-spectrum products are much better than the isolates. Each compound has its benefits specifically. CBD is great for anxiety and also good for inflammation and pain. Then THC which is another cannabinoid is incomparable when it comes to pain releasing capacity.

Q: Why do these medicines face legal issues in India?

A: Cannabis has always been legal in India in the west. Even today we are very fortunate in India to have it. The government’s legal system has applied a limit on THC. It is because THC has a bad reputation but it is one of the most effective and therapeutically enhanced compounds in cannabis. We are lucky to have 0.3% legalisation in India regarding THC products that’s why they are going with full-spectrum products.

Q: Is there any prescription required for this full-spectrum medicine?

A: This is something people need to be educated about. You do require a prescription for the oral products and that is because of the THC present in them. That’s called a schedule E1 ayurvedic medicine.

Anything that can be consumed requires medical supervision. The dosage is so subjective that if you have the right dosage you will love the product but if taken in the wrong quantity you might alternate effects with no benefits.

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