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420 Live Stream – Have We Really Found a Wonder Plant?

The future is great for hemp but yes misconceptions are the major challenge that we face. If we look into the history this plant has always been useful in all industrial and medical applications. Also, cannabis is said to be under the five most sacred plants because it is available and included in over 300 formulations of Ayurveda.

Mr. Vikram Veer Singh is the founder of Ananta Hemp works, their research work on hemp for the company’s products has been going on for the past 2 years. In the middle of 2020, they came up with their first line of products. The products that they offer are strictly based on Ayurveda and they are completely organic.

The response they have seen in the last 6 months is amazing. People who consumed those products proved to be a game-changer for them. People have been relieved in a lot of severe conditions like cancer, acute and chronic pains. It has achieved way faster than they thought it would take in India to get at the Mass level. The plant has been banned since 1985 when the whole marijuana movement happened all over the world. 

Will this make me high? What will happen if we take it? Will these cause addiction? These are the questions they encounter on a daily basis. But after several research, now everyone is realizing the benefits of this plant and are able to figure out the laws and the right framework. Their company makes social media posts related to hemp for educating the customers. These questions common people ask are not wrong but it tells you what kind of awareness and knowledge is important to be in the market.

Keep reading to know more.

Q: What section of products do you offer?

A: They have three different lines, with three different categories. Ayurvedic medicine is the mainline. They are more focused on nutritional and ayurvedic medicines and the company is going ahead with them.

Q: What is the product line offered by them and what are the benefits of it?

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A: We have a trademark under Ananta Hemp’s work. We only cater to topical or for sublingual use. We have about 6 or 7 formulations which are divided into two main parts. First is the topical application and another one is the sublingual or internal application. The difference between them is that the first one has products like hemp balm for muscle and joint pains,  hemp oil for skin conditions, and arthritis pain. Internal application products are used and directed more towards sleep disorders, anxiety stress, and pain management. We have pain management oil, it is a full-spectrum extract and is one of the best-doing products. It is used majorly for sleep disorders and pain management. 

Peppermint oil is also used to encounter the base of the Vijaya leaf extract in them. We have different sizes available like 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml. Our next product is for muscle and joint pain which is an external-based product. It is used for eczema, arthritis pain, muscular inflammation, etc and this has a very positive effect. We also have other products called pain-free, stress-free and products called sleep well. 

The hemp balm has Vijaya leaf extract along with the power of hemp. It is a completely topical applying product it also has other ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus, and beeswax which is similar to the products you will find in Vicks VapoRub. It has a cooling effect and also helps in cough and cold. It has a strong positive effect in patients that have the problem of migraine and headaches.

Q: What are the benefits of having these medicines instead of taking the allopathic ones?

A: The benefits which we saw by bringing in hemp or Vijaya extract medicines is that all the disorders that we are talked about. The normal allopathic medicines that people take are all made up of synthetic chemicals. They are all made up of products that have a lot of side effects like stomach disorders, kidney problems, and dependency habits.

The objective of their company actually is to give the patient plant-based medication that doesn’t have any side effects. Their products are something you can use without expecting to cause problems in the later stage. These medicines actually help to fight the problems and improve the body system to correct the disorder that you have, which other medicines don’t do. So that’s the idea of hemp and ayurvedic medicines.

Q: What products do they have in their cosmetic line?

A: The cosmetic line is a 100% herbal line, using hundred percent natural products. It has no GMO or cruelty on animals. The idea was to use ayurvedic ingredients but also to give it the power of hemp. It does wonders for the skin. By using hemp seed oil as the major ingredient they have made seven products. They do wonders on the skin.  

Ananta face wash contains ingredients such as tea tree leaves and hemp oil. Also, we have hemp cough syrup and kumkum Haldi as products. These are more of a women-centric product. They have anti-aging and wrinkle minimising effects. 

We also have Ananta soaps. Lemon, charcoal, and hemp are the main products in it. We also use castor oil, aloe vera, lemon extracts, and virgin coconut oil in it. The ingredients were selected on the basis of research so that the effect will be maximum. It does not have preservatives. They also have body butter soaps available in different flavors like avocado, vanilla and these are some of the best-selling products.

Q: What relevance do body butter products serve?

A: Body butter is a type of skin moisturiser. It’s not specific for body parts like feet, hands etc. It can be applied all over. They have very less oily factors and they absorb very fast. Body butter is not much different than moisturiser but it is made with the idea that it’s an all-type application.

Q: What products do they have In their nutritional line?

A: The nutritional line is made up of hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is 100% unrefined hemp seed oil. It has a 250ml size. We also have a product named hemp hearts. These are raw shelled hemp seeds. There is a part inside the hemp seed that comes out and you can have them, it is called hemp hearts. Then they have hemp seed powder. It is made of the shell that comes out of the hemp hearts and also the part that is left out from the hemp oil. 

All these items are highly nutritious. They are basically fiber and protein supplements. You need about 30 grams of hemp hearts to compensate with the protein value that you get out of 150 grams of chicken. So for people who are building muscles, it’s a great alternative for them. The hemp seed oil is a great topical for body and head massage and can be applied on rashes or insect bites. 

Q: Is it suitable for everyone? Is it safe for children to consume?

A: It can be taken by anyone who is above 14 or 15 years of age. It is like a normal food supplement. But you should be cautious to provide children who are below the age of 12 because supplements mean concentrated protein or fibers that you provide your body. Since our body is not used to getting concentrated amounts of things like steroids, proteins, etc. 

It is always advised to get the prescription and advice from the doctor before consuming it. Especially for children, because their stomachs and other parts are still developing. So it is always better to give natural fruits foods and fruits instead of supplements.

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