CannaMeet – A foundation to legalize Cannabis in India

CannaMeet – A foundation to legalize Cannabis in India

Participants of CannaMeet Mumbai Cannabis is, by far, one of the most widely cultivated and trafficked drugs. About 2.5 percent of the world population consumes it on a regular basis. We have always had struggles and debates on legalizing marijuana. While some countries have accepted its benefits and legalized its medicinal usage, India is still not ready to establish any such belief. Henceforth, the CannaMeet is an initiative by like-minded entrepreneurs, activists, and investors who have recognized the value of industrial cannabis and its multiple purposes in almost every sector. With more people knowing about the industry and working towards it, we aim to educate the people about the various impacts and usefulness of industrial cannabis or hemp. Cannabis has a significant impact on every industry or sector, and we only aim to fuel it to develop solutions for medical, textile, infrastructural, and other sectors. We provide the much-needed information to the people even at the ground level and assist them in the transition into the cannabis career. CannaMeet is one such initiative that brings together people from all phases of life to help the crop grow ground up. With significant effort and man-hours put in, we have been able to establish the beneficial aspects of cannabis somewhat and highlight its benefits like environmental friendliness and economic inclusiveness. Containing cannabis or hemp in a country like ours can be really tricky and require much more effort than it seems. At first, we started by garnering earned media and marketing content helping us to spread the idea of cannabis as an industrial crop. Robin Dey from HempCorp at CannaMeet Mumbai CannaMeet Mumbai and Rishikesh Discussing all the way up from cultivating the crop in a controlled environment to institute CBD, THC, and cannabinoids into a thriving industry on its own creating new jobs, opportunities, and revenues for the government. Countries in Europe and the Americas had seen an immense growth in their investment potentials when the misconceptions and taboos about the crop were cleared for a more legally viable approach. In the Mumbai meet, we have discussed the necessity of regulating the market for cannabis and the need for it to be produced by competent farmers in suitable facilities and finally being sold by reputed and licensed vendors. There were several companies which participated in this initiative and shared their opinions about it, namely: HempCorp Himalayan Hemp Blissful Living Foods Slimjim Awega Green Technologies Akseera Pharma Boheco Hempistani Angetha Agro Fortune Legal United Tesla Hemp Company SEEDO Vibrant Works Sentient Hemp These were only a few of the many companies and individuals who became a part of this program, sharing their valuable insight into the cannabis and hemp industry. People from all sectors like trading, textile, marketing, cultivation, legal, educational as well as psychology were a part of this discussion. Yash Kotak from BOHECO at CannaMeet Mumbai Discussing comprehensive issues and solutions for pushing the industrial cannabis trade, we looked out our ways to take this brainchild forward, overturning it to reality. We look towards revolutionizing agriculture by using cannabis as a main and revising the policies of its usage both at industrial and individual levels. There have been researches and reports which give a clear picture of how the crop helps in moving the economy to a more sustainable framework. There are already more than 150 companies in India who participate and trade hemp or cannabis in various forms like medicinal oil, textile, or even the cosmetic industry. Majorly accommodating the non-psychoactive ingredients of the seed and developing a green culture is one of our primary objectives. Nikunj Ahuja & Kunaal Kapoor from SlimJim at CannaMeet Mumbai. We also believe that legalizing cannabis in India will massively affect the tobacco industry. We are collaborating with various companies and start-ups towards developing a sustainable profile for cannabis usage in the country. Since the Vedic ages, cannabis has been hugely popular in our country, India. But, it is indeed a hurdle to thrive in the cannabis ecosystem when considering the legal sides. The main issue for this is the lack of education and information about the crop, and it uses overall. Annie Kohli at CannaMeet Rishikesh While the government does encourage research and cultivation of cannabis, it has restricted its usage in various sectors. Opening up to these possibilities and bring about a visible boom in the investments of the country. From being a restorative drug for cancer patients to being extremely useful in treating pain, cannabis can only be a step forward towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly initiative to take up. We, as a team, look forward to the evolution of the crop in the various sectors. By creating progressive guidelines and informative material, we aim to establish growth and scale-centric approach towards this revolutionary crop. Consolidating its market mainly in textile, food, medicine industries, we wish to see a more progressive attitude towards the plethora of applications that cannabis has to offer.

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