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Hempistani is an Indian E-commerce platform specializing in Hemp based products. For the ones unfamiliar with this plant, Hemp is commonly known as cannabis and can be used to make hemp food, clothes, oil, cosmetic products, and medical Cannabis products. Hemp is also called ‘miracle plant’ because it has some promising effects in terms of relaxing anxiety, stress, depression, epilepsy, and many other ailments too. Hempistani bridges the gap between hemp and its benefits, its advantages and common folks like us who need the benefits of hemp products.

On occasion of World Cannabis day (4/20), Hempistani hosted a live session with Dr. Piyush Juneja and discussed his journey along with Indian Hemp Expo 2022. Dr. Piyush Juneja is a prominent doctor in the Indian cannabis industry, educating and spreading awareness on medical Ayurvedic cannabis. He is also the founder of Indianvaidyas.com & Cannabisvaidyas.com, certified Medical Cannabis Practitioner, national coordinator of IMA-AYUSH & Founder of India Hemp Expo.

Dr. Piyush entered the cannabis industry almost a decade ago. After an extensive exploration in the medical practice, he exposed a harsh reality wherein lack of information on Hemp/Cannabis and medical cannabis does not exist in the medical world. Medical practitioners are aware about this herb extracted from a plant in Ireland, known as Vijaya but it is not being taught in a very detailed or the manner in India’s medical colleges and academic institutions.

Around 2019, Dr. Piyush Juneja had tirelessly engaged to get connected with some platforms and companies and started having the discussion on cannabis.  With his ongoing journey on spreading the good words of hemp/cannabis, he eventually thought to have some platform. In fact, a few months back he announced that he are getting very good response for this Expo that is India Hemp Expo.

As far as The India Hemp Expo 2022 is a unique B2B exhibition being organized on 13-14th May, 2022 at Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, New Delhi. The revolutionary event aims to propel the growth of the Hemp/Cannabis industry and give the exhibitors/visitors/industrialists/scholars a great opportunity to increase their networks as well as knowledge for the betterment of their independent businesses. This expo will showcase the strengths and potentials of the Hemp/Cannabis industry, harness the power of this emerging global sector, project future trends and requirements, and exhibit the research and development efforts of the players in this industry. From eminent delegates, practitioners, consumers to stakeholders, the expo will host a large spectrum of guests.

The exhibition has the following agendas:-

            •          To showcase the strengths and potentials of Hemp/Cannabis Industry

            •          To have interaction with practitioners, consumers & other stakeholders

            •          To create awareness among individuals and professionals

            •          To harness the potential of this fast growing and globally emerging sector

            •          To have one to one interaction with eminent delegates

            •          To project future trends and requirements

            •          To exhibit the research & development efforts

The 2-day expo will also have Researchers present their works followed by India Hemp Awards. It has a self nomination protocol where two specific categories will be served, firstly the jury awards and the popular awards. Professionals and firms who have tirelessly worked in the field of medical cannabis/hemp will be awarded on the basis of their direct performances. The Expo will also showcase a huge line of Hemp-related products like hemp food products, hemp cosmetics, textiles, building materials, and cannabis medicines.

Numerous visitors like AYUSH Practitioners & Medical Experts, allopathic Practitioners, Government Organizations / Trusts / NGOs and officials, International Delegates, manufacturers of AYUSH & Wellness products, distributors/Retailers of AYUSH products, Publishers, Media & PR Professionals, Fitness Centers, Wellness Centers Owners, Business Associates and Consultants, Medical Plant Cultivators and Traders, AYUSH Central/State Government Department, Medical College(Allopathic & AYUSH) Students and entire Fraternity will be participating in the event.

The hemp expo also aims to serve as a market platform for hemp and cannabis, dealers and exporters of raw materials, equipment manufacturers, research institutes, medical colleges, ministries, government institutions, NGOs and so on.

Finally it can be concluded that  Indian hemp expo is one of its kind, where, learning, networking, competitions, exhibition and recognition via awards are there which is truly not be missed by anyone. Therefore, we cordially invite you to our annual exhibition ceremony.. It would be an honor to have your presence in the event.

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