Home Workouts for A Better Immunity

In this situation of a global health crisis, we cannot afford to go to gyms. But working out is essential to keep your immune system up and to go, and all the more when you are stuck at home with nowhere to go.

A gym is a place where many people come and use the same equipment as others for their daily workouts. It is an absolute no at this crucial time.

Most naturally, if you are home, you would like to continue with your daily workout routines and sessions. This can not only benefit your immune system but also de-stresses you while being cooped up in the same place for hours and days.

We have listed a few home workouts which will help you keep in shape during this time of isolation and also keep your immunity up and running.

Home Workouts for A Better Immunity

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks or otherwise called side-straddle hop is a great physical exercise that helps in maintaining an excellent heart rate. It engages a large muscle group that keeps the core engaged while building the back and abdominal muscles. It is also great for boosting metabolism, thus burning all the extra fat.


Just spread your legs and shoulders apart as you jump.

Jumping jacks when clubbed with few other workouts like squats, push-ups can do wonders for your body. Keep your fit without going to the gym!

Bodyweight squats

Bodyweight squats strengthen from your hip and down. This workout engages a considerable amount of muscle, thus burning the extra calories while boosting the metabolism of the body.  Place your hands behind your neck and align the shoulders and knees with your feet.  Slowly turn outwards as you go down. You can also use a chair if you find it difficult.


Make the right posture, and you can reap all the benefits of this workout. It can be great for building upper body and core strength. Remember to align your shoulders, spine, and hip and extend your hands a little further every time you repeat. This helps touch different muscles and not just one.


Single-Leg Explosive Jumps

Stand in front of a bench or any other sturdy elevated surface with one leg resting on it. Remember, both the legs should be bent. First, bend the front leg down and push up to bring your knee closer to your chest.


This exercise helps improve coordination and faster movement as compared to bilateral jump movements. 


A typical abdominal endurance exercise which tones and strengthens the core and abdominal muscles. Although it is a little similar to crunches, it has a fuller range of motion and muscle conditioning.

Lie on your back with your hands crossed behind your back. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground and move your chin towards your knees. Repeat for a perfect core strengthening exercise.


Put aside your concern for restricted space and practice exercises to overcome the boredom during this global lockdown.

Stay Safe!

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