India Hemp Expo 2022: A New Dawn

India Hemp Expo 2022: A New Dawn

The India Hemp Expo 2022, a first ever hemp exhibition, kick-started at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi on May 13. Organized by This revolutionary event was inaugurated by Dr. Anil Agarwal, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha.
This ground-breaking event showcases a wide variety of Hemp-related products such as hemp food items, cosmetics, textiles & construction materials, hemp medicines and other hemp-based products.

India Hemp Expo 2022: A New Dawn

Dr. Anil Agarwal said, “Medical cannabis industry offers plenty of opportunities if well organized and systematic research is completed. With impending legalization and implementation of cannabis medicine, maximum number of people could get effective yet natural treatment at affordable costs.”

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Agrawal, Chairman, Delhi Paramedical Board, politico and first personal assistant of Office of Minister of State (Animal Husbandry & Dairying) Mr Mukesh Shukla, DCP Metro Jitendra Mani Tripathi, renowned social worker Mukta Sharma, leader Vidhushi Upadhyay, and plenty of others.

With the attendance of the many industry giants & experts, Ayurveda doctors, and hemp enthusiasts from across the globe, this unique event is undoubtedly a superb opportunity for the exhibitors to extend their branding and generate business leads in markets globally through professional networking.

Applauding India Hemp Expo as a commendable platform to produce public awareness about the vast potential of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Agrawal said, “This increasing awareness about cannabis as a life-saving medicine can revolutionize the choice medical system in near future.”

On asking about the legal standing of the govt towards hemp, Mr. Mukesh Shukla said, “As this government has another AIIMS to the country bringing about medical revolution, soon cannabis is predicted to be legalized to confirm its medicinal benefits reach the people.”
He also added, “When government and researchers come together to promote medical cannabis then it’ll make sure that everyone will have access to treatment at a really reasonable cost.”

Talking about medical cannabis efficacy in treating many chronic diseases, DCP Metro Jitendra Mani Tripathi said that the negative perspective about hemp needs to be changed. He added, “With legalized and proper application of this sacred medicinal plant we can restore good health naturally.”

India Hemp Expo 2022 also marked the launch of, India’s largest cannabis platform with 100 doctors across the country. The original brainchild of Vaidya Piyush Juneja, a leading Medical Cannabis Practitioner in India.

While addressing the challenges of using medical cannabis and myths around the hemp products Dr Juneja said, “My prime motive behind this event is to create positivity around this valuable herb and let people know about the plethora health benefits of cannabis.”

He also announced the second edition of the India Hemp expo which is going to be a two-day event. It will be held in Mumbai on 24-25th February in 2023.

While the first day of the Indian Hemp Expo concluded with a hemp award ceremony, the second day of this event started with a serious discussing session between some of the best names in the hemp industry, Ayurveda experts and the audience.

Talking about the numerous benefits of medical hemp in treating chronic disease Mr Vikram Bir Singh, Ananta Hemp Works said, “Our main agenda is to bring the most versatile herb hempback to the society. By closely working with the Ayurveda doctors’ community we want to bring the healing benefits of medical cannabis to the maximum number of people in India.”

L-R: Dr. Piyush Juneja, Vikram Bir Singh, Yogesh Jhamtani

While talking about how hemp can be integrated into our daily lifestyle, Mr. Sumit Sinha, founder of Happy Hemp said, “From roti, kapda to makan you can use hemp and its by-products in every possible way you imagine. With structured efforts by all of us, India’s hemp industry can boom in and emerge as the largest exporter of hemp raw material.”

Rajat Gupta, Co-founder, Noigra said, “Through this initiative, people can connect with us to clear their misconception about hemp and know how useful it is medically and nutritionally. “

Mr. Yogesh Jhamtani, Co-Founder & CEO at Buffalo Extraction Systems discussed the manufacturing difficulties of hemp and said, “India is blessed with favourable climate and landmass that is desired by South American countries to produce hemp. But unfortunately, our country lacks correct production, extracting, processing, and different facilities.”

Applauding the cumulative effort of the entire hemp industry to promote both industrial and medical hemp across the world, Yash Kotak , Co-founder and Director of BOHECO said, “It feels great to see that the entire hemp industry come together at one platform to promote this wonderful herb. We are here trying to grow and commercialize the use of legal hemp and cannabis across the country.”

The first technical session was based on Cannabis Hemp Uses (Nutrition, Cosmetics, Fiber, Pet Care & Industrial Hemp). Followed by the next day of the event, Second Technical Session focussed on Discussion on Manufacturing, Cultivation, Extraction & Legal Aspects of Cannabis & Hemp. Finally the last Technical Session led to Doctor’s Conference on How to Establish Medical Cannabis Practice.

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