Medical cannabis and CBD in your life

Medical cannabis and CBD in your life

Hempistani is an e-commerce platform in India that offers consumer products made of hemp, especially hemp food, clothes, oil, cosmetic products, and medical Cannabis products. We have summed up answers to your questions such as What exactly are Hemp products? Why is it considered illegal in our country? What can we do to make this miracle plant legal and prohibition-free? 

Hemp, Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja are not all about getting high. They are very sustainable in comparison to the other commercial products we have available in the market.

Let’s begin with the myth bursting:

  1. It will drive you insane: No. It won’t make you insane. Products like ganja and bhang are illegal which is completely understandable. What we generally hear in India is people saying “if you are high & if you are laughing, will keep on laughing. Or if you are crying then you’ll keep on crying”. That’s not true, it is a misconception that people have. It completely Depends From person to person and on the psyche what you feel.
  2. It is a drug: No. It is a Medicine that works. Cannabis compounds calms you down and it sends signals to the brain making you happier, comfortable and more relaxed. That is what it is all about so it should not be demonized as rather than it should be embraced properly. 
  3. It can only be smoked: No. It can be consumed in multiple ways. Hemp seeds are also a very versatile raw material as it is you can have a cold or extract cold-pressed one or more depending on your preferences. You may go ahead and use hemp-based products like skincare and see how it turns your skin texture amazing.

Moving on, to commonly asked questions.


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  • What are lifestyle-based hemp products?

Hemp soaps, for example, can be utilized by those who are suffering from allergies and acne issues as it helps eliminate skin-related issues. Co-founder Kshetrimayum Brojendro Singh had an excessive acne problem at the back and after using hemp-based products for two weeks he saw significant change. By now he is completely free of back acne. It is a multipurpose soap, so it can be used for the face as well as the body. Add hemp wellness products to your facial skincare routine as it has no irritation, with skin allergies can use it too. And Obviously, no! This soap will not “get you high”.

  • How is hemp used as an effective cure for allergies?

Those suffering from skin-related, other medical issues are recommended to avoid using random medication from Pharmaceutical stores, it has many different ingredients that aren’t even organic. Hemp products, on the other hand, show significant health benefits they have on most concerns. All you need to do is constantly apply twice or thrice every day in the required area so your skin absorbs it well, as it is a very good absorbent

  • Why aren’t enough citizens coming forward to legalize hemp?

Even though hemp products have many potential in India in terms of industrial aspects. Lack of education and awareness on cannabis is the major reason for misconceptions. However, the hemp revolution is building its momentum in the country.

  • Does hemp help combat coronavirus? 

The short answer to the question is yes & no. It does not have a complete cure but helps build immunity against diseases and hemp is rich in nutrients and is one of the most Prime highlights.

  • What is the legal stance of hemp in India? 

According to the NDPS Act law of India, it has begun allowing their legal stance for production and ensuring parts of the plant do not contain the THC content not more than 0.03%. Apart from food & wellness, hemp has multiple products potential.

  • How can we benefit from Hemp/Cannabis?

A lot of doctors can give us more information about medical Cannabis positively. If you happen to have any questions or any doubts related to your health concerns, visit Ask Health Professionals and get the right advice for you to make sure that you use healthy and organic products for your wellbeing. 

  • What is industrial usage?

Industrial usage varies as it has multiple applications as per the need. Apart from the FMCG, Hemp fibre and paper industry is one of the major ones as the paper industry exists in India manufacturing quality stationery items. Hemp fibre can be an excellent sustainable replacement as hemp can be harvested twice a year in India and we have a vast area for cultivation.

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