Cannabryl™ Dewaxed Extract 4:1 (CBD Dominant) 4000mg


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Cannabryl™ Dewaxed Extract 4:1 unique formulation of Dewaxed and Decarboxylated Medical Cannabis Extract to get the full spectrum of medical cannabis benefits.



Cannabryl™ Dewaxed Extract 4:1 (CBD Dominant) 4000mg

Try out our unique formulation of Dewaxed and Decarboxylated Medical Cannabis Extract to get the full spectrum of medical cannabis benefits.

One of the major benefits of using full spectrum CBD is that all the compounds work in unison, and through this teamwork of active ingredients, the strength of the medicine becomes stronger and the positive effects are greater. This is also known as the ‘entourage effect’.

We Produce Full Spectrum CBD
As we process our raw cannabis in a proven scientific way, all of the phytochemicals such as terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids remain present in the extract whilst the non-active ingredients such as waxes and lipids are removed. This extract is known as a full spectrum extract!

The main idea is that the extract needs to contain the full spectrum cannabinoids and all the essential phytochemicals so that the medicine remains potent and can be used as medicinal grade marijuana.

CBD Dominant or CBD Balanced?
Depending on the origin of the harvest, the season and the type of strain, our experienced pharmacists have mastered the art of producing two different kinds of cannabinoid profiles known as CBD dominant extracts and CBD balanced extracts. If the CBD:THC ratio is 4:1, we call it CBD Dominant and if the CBD:THC ratio is 1:1, we refer to it as CBD balanced. Based on this, we have two base products available.

To know how much CBD you should take, it is important to ask yourself three questions.

  • Why am I taking CBD?

Depending on if you’re taking CBD oil for pain, anxiety, seizures, cancer, or another reason, you’ll want more or less CBD.

  • What is my weight?

Your CBD uptake will be directly proportional to your weight.

  • What is the strength of my CBD oil?

See the cover of your CBD bottle and find out how many milligrams of CBD is present in how many millilitres of total medicine. Your daily uptake of CBD will be inversely proportional to the potency of the oil.

Because the effects vary from person to person, it’s difficult to give you the exact dosage, and therefore we recommend you to work with a Doctor to help you find your ideal dosage amount.

If you feel that it isn’t enough for you, slowly up your dose until you feel comfortable with the results.

“Start low and go slow” is the motto you should follow!

Our Unique Packaging Method
Since the viscosity of the final product is very high, it cannot be bottled as the expensive medicine will fail to come out easily while administering to a patient. Hence, we use a novel method of storage in the form of glass vials. One needs to remove the front silicone stopper from the vial, the press the plunger from behind and a few drops come out fairly nicely.




Model Name – Dewaxed Extract 4:1 (CBD Dominant) 4000mg

Ideal For – Chronic Pain, Relieving Stress and Anxiety, Chemo-Radiation Side Effects, Neurological and Psychological problems

Quantity – 10ml

Potency – 4000mg

Food Preference – Vegetarian

Form – Oil

Maximum Shelf Life – 12 Months

Pack of – 1

Ingredients – Pure Cannabis Leaf Extract

Country of Origin – India

Important Information:

How to Use: Take a pea size drop in hand and take it under the tongue for about 30 seconds, then swallow.

Dosage: CBD oil dosages are hard to calculate, even more so when it’s your first time. Not everyone’s endocannabinoid system is the same, and so the dosage is going to vary. For example, some will find relief with 5 mg twice a day whilst others will be satisfied with 100 mg four times a day.

Storage: In a cool dry place, away from sunlight.


  • Do not purchase/use this product if you have glaucoma
  • Do not use if suffering from a liver ailment or a disorder.
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Strictly for sale only to individuals above the age of 21

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