HempHub Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 5000mg


Broad spectrum CBD oil. 5000mg strength in a 30ml bottle.

HempHub Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 5000mg

HempHub Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is built to relieve your chronic pains after insane office hours, intense workouts. It is loved as Pain Management supplement for age-related chronic pains as well.

Our Broad spectrum CBD oils are available at a strength of 5000mg, giving our customers the best quality and the most benefits at an unmatched  rate in the market today. Avail our products at our introductory prices while stock last.

CBD extracts along with the combination of  grape seed and peppermint oils can be used to treat a variety of conditions including IBS , nausea, as well as headaches to name a few.


Inflammation is your bodies reaction against an infection or injury and can often cause discomfort. CBD found in cannabis extracts has shown to reduce inflammation by binding to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system.

Manages chronic insomnia
A healthy sleep cycle is a must for a healthy lifestyle. CBD and CBN present in cannabis extracts have been found to have sedative and relaxing effects which shorten the time taken to fall asleep and thus help in restoring the natural sleep cycle of a person.

Manages anxiety and enhances mood
Anxiety is a very common problem among people today. CBD is known to help alleviate anxiety, its cannabinoid compounds providing the user with greater relief and a sense of calmness.



Brand – HempHub

Model Name – Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Quantity – 30ml

Potency –  5000mg

Food Preference – Vegetarian / vegan

Form – Oil

Maximum Shelf Life – 24 Months

Prescription Required – No

Sales Package – 1 bottle

Composition – CBD extracts along with the combination of  grape seed and peppermint oil.

Country of Origin – China

Important Information:

How to Use: Take the prescribed dose sublingually (below the tongue) with the dropper (provided with the medicine) or you may also take the drops on to a spoon from the dropper and then consume orally to be more precise. Let the oil stay under the tongue for 30 – 60 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption. Avoid touching the dropper to your mouth.

Storage: In a cool dry place, away from sunlight.

Caution: This product is not to be used if:

  • You are below the age of 21 years old
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have issues with your liver

This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any illness. Do not use this as a replacement to your ongoing medical treatment

Legal Disclaimer: Due to FDA regulations, no Hemp Extract manufacturer is allowed to make health claims about CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN products. We encourage all our customers to research the widely available information online regarding the compounds found in Hemp Extract.

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