Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

Should Cannabis Be Legalised?

Cannabis use has always been an arena of conflicts. Although for a significant number of years it has proven beneficial in diseases such as migraine, anxiety, and epilepsy and has worked over conditions in which the conventional medication was of no use for years. Cannabis is one of the five sacred plants mentioned by the Atharvaveda. It was referred to as a source of happiness, donator of joy, and bringer of freedom. It is being used since ancient times for either industrial or medicinal purposes. Cannabis has proven as a plant of value. Some of its life-changing benefits are already known and further research over the miracle plant is still going on.

In the most recent development of 2022 around the medical use of Cannabis in India, the center told the Delhi high court that the use of Cannabis is not completely banned in the country. The center mentioned that medical and scientific use is allowed under the law.

This was said to the Delhi High court that refused to advance the hearing of the plea seeking to legalize its use on various grounds including medicinal purposes. Now the question is why was the plea refused?

In January 2022, the central government reply was framed under the ministry of finance by director narcotics which stated that the state government has all the powers under which Cannabis can be regulated for cultivation for manufacturing and for processing purposes.

Now if we speak of the most recent, in the global fight against covid-19, Cannabis, and its use are now back in focus. It is back in focus in the pandemic with a petition by a great legislation movement of India trust which has contended that there are reports to suggest that cannabinoids helped in countering the effect of covid-19.

According to scientists, the latest evidence shows the positive side of using Cannabis to counter the virus, and the experts have called foreign legalization for the use of Cannabis-derived medicines for treatment. Also, the latest anecdotal evidence published in the journal science advances suggests that the people who were prescribed regular high potency doses of pharmaceutical-grade CBD were less likely to contract covid.

CBD induces interferon expressions and upregulates its antiviral signaling pathway and in this way, it is able to. In research, it was shown that it might be a potential treatment for a covid patient. Of course, most of the articles were subjected and conducted on not many groups of patients so this still has a lot of potential and researchers think that Cannabis as a medicine for covid-19 quotes on being a realization. The findings do lead to indicate that Cannabis-derived medicines prescribed by registered practitioners may help and calm the after-effects of COVID and certainly, although it does not mean that smoking a joint will prevent covid.

In recent research studies, it has been proven the data has active compounds which block the process of covid virus infection in our body. It also reduces the cytokines storm which affects the lungs badly. Also, the doctors say that in clinics they saw patients are healing in a faster way with cannabis than they have administered before. While it’s not just cannabis but the best medicines along with them are what makes them heal faster. A prescription is a thing that is required before you decide to purchase them because certain medicines are contraindicated. So it is always advised to visit the doctor prior to starting the Cannabis medicine.

In no way any of this suggests that this would be a replacement for washing hands, using sanitizers, vaccinating, or using masks because these are not medication but the vital things to be included in our daily habits. Also, consulting a certified Cannabis practitioner or an ayurvedic doctor is the best way to procure the medicine and have suitable doses.

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