Hemp&U Pain Management CBD Oil Drops – 1000mg


Hemp&U Pain Management CBD Oil Drops is built to relieve your chronic pains after insane office hours or intense workouts.

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Hemp&U Pain Management CBD Oil Drops – 1000mg

Hemp&U Pain Management CBD Oil Drops is made from organic US farmed hemp in FDA registered laboratory, non-GMO, Third party lab tested, 0.0% THC.

The broad spectrum of cannabinoids in this cannabis leaf-based oral supplement provides you with a natural treatment for symptomatic relief. It is also loved as a herbal pain relief supplement to combat age-related chronic pains without any side effects.

This high potency CBD Oil is a herbal pain relief supplement to combat all sorts of chronic pains without any side effects!



Everyone has a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Research proves that CBD interacts with a core component of the ECS — endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system.

This response creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that help with pain management. This means that CBD oil and other products benefit people with any type of chronic pain – like muscle pain, joint pain and arthritic pain, etc.


When humans are exposed to stress or stressful conditions, hormones such as cortisol are created in the body. These hormones, if left unregulated, can wreck havoc on the human body, resulting in long-term consequences such as strokes.

CBD found in the cannabis plant, has shown to help people relax by lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.


Brand – Hemp&U

Model Name – Pain Management CBD Oil Drops

Quantity – 10ml

Potency – 1000mg

Flavour – Natural

Food Preference – Vegetarian

Form – Liquid

Maximum Shelf Life – 12 Months

Prescription Required – No

Sales Package – 1 pack

Composition – Vijaya (Cannabis) Leaf Extract – 1000mg & Hemp Seed Oil

Country of Origin – USA

Important Information:

Caution: Keep away from children.

Dosage Instructions: After meals, take 3-4 drops sublingually (under the tongue) twice a day. It is suggested that you start with a modest dose and gradually increase it over time. Please refer to our Dosage Guide or follow your doctor’s dosage recommendations.

Directions: This dosage is most effective when taken sublingually (under the tongue) after food. Utilise the dripper to extract the recommended amount for you.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to FDA regulations, no Hemp Extract manufacturer is allowed to make health claims about CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN products. We encourage all our customers to research the widely available information online regarding the compounds found in Hemp Extract.

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