Hempbuti Over Parent Virgin Hemp Seed Oil For Pets 125 Ml

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Hempbuti Over Parent Virgin Hemp Seed Oil can be an amazing source of essential amino and fatty acids known to assist the health of your furry friends. It is known to help skin, fur and gut health along with promoting better brain development.

Hempbuti Over Parent Virgin Hemp Seed Oil For Pets 125 Ml

For Dogs,cats And Horses | Gut Management | Brain Development | Joints And Bone Support | Natural Antiseptic | For Shiny Fur & Coat

Hempbuti Over Parent Virgin Hemp Seed Oil is formulated with natural Himalayan Hemp seeds. Our oil is cold and of a single press. Hemp is known to be a superfood and is an excellent source of essential amino acids, Omega 3,6 & 9, Vitamin E and beneficial fatty acids.

Our pure and cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil may assist with anxiety, skin conditions, boost the immune system and improve overall health, wellbeing and vitality. This plant based nutrition booster may assist optimal skin and coat health. It is also known to promote optimal brain development in growing pets.


Some of the benefits that your furry friends can enjoy during the intake of this oil are:

High on antioxidants
Assist to improve gut health and wellbeing
Assist to reduce anxiety
Assist to reduce inflammation and many other skin problems
May maintain healthy joint function
May maintain a healthy immune system

Why is Hemp Seed Oil good for cats and dogs?

The main benefit of Hempbuti Over Parent Hemp Seed Oil is the profile of its essential fatty acids. It constitutes two main profiles of acids i.e. Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) and Linolenic Acid (Omega-6) which are not produced naturally by your pet’s body and are best to be included in their diet.

Omega fatty acids main characteristic is its anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in a healthy digestive system, better brain functioning and development and to improve cardiovascular system.

Hemp Seed oil can be used to help promote relaxation and calm restless, irritable pets. As it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, it can help with feelings of tension and create a calming effect helping with feelings of anxiety. It is known to give a better, more restful sleep.

How to give Hemp Seed Oil to dogs and cats?

With just a few drops of Hempbuti OverParent Hemp Seed Oil added to their food or placed directly in their mouth, you can give your pet access to a number of benefits.

It is best to consume hemp seed oil raw and regularly as a dietary supplement rather than as a short term fix. We additionally advise talking to your vet about any health issues which they might be facing would require an expert’s opinion.

What is the recommended dosage of Hemp Seed oil for pets?

Hemp Seed oil dosage is determined by pets weight or as directed by the veterinarian. We suggest a dosage of 1 ml per 5 kg weight of the pet. Use once a day and increase up to 2-3 times daily if required. Maximum daily hemp seed oil consumption should not exceed more than 15 ml.

Can I cook or heat hemp seed oil before giving it to the pets?

It is never advised to heat or cook hemp seed oil as it has a low smoking point, becomes rancid when it comes in contact with high temperature and loses its nutritional value.

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