Holi Herb Vijaya Extract – 5gm


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Holi Herb Vijaya Extract, commonly known as Cannabis oil in most parts of the world. Extracted by cold pressing of the CBD from the cannabis plant.




Holi Herb Vijaya Extract – 5gm

Holi Herb Vijaya extract, commonly known as RSO Oil or Cannabis oil in most parts of the world, is indeed a gift of nature. Extracted by cold pressing of the CBD from the cannabis plant, it is then diluted with a carrier oil.

Made With

Made from Cannabis Sativa L. leaves and has a high THC content. Unknown to many, it comes with several health benefits like maintaining appetite, treating nausea and pain. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC has its own spectrum of benefits with its anti-inflammatory, and anti-emetic properties.

Studies have proved that by influencing the endocannabinoid system (ECS), cannabis oil can help in reducing chronic pain and inflammation.


Vijaya Extract is an Ayurvedic form of cannabis/RSO oil. It is a full spectrum variant of cannabinoid oil. This not only provides you with the benefits of CBD/cannabinoid oil but also offers a healthy dosage of vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your body.

The Vijaya Extract is rich in vitamins A, C, & E, and other complex B vitamins. It has abundant beta-carotene and protein content, which helps build and repair tissues. Also, the essential fatty acids, Omega3, and Omega6 promote better heart health.

CBD oil can act on serotonin, a hormone that regulates your mood and behavior, thus making it beneficial in getting relief from several other disorders like depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD.

CBD oil increases appetite and is also used to treat health issues. Like headaches, neuralgias, migraine (malarial and periodical), acute mania, whooping cough, asthma, and dysuria. It also relieves pain in dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and various stages of phthisis.

Drug Interaction

Consuming cannabis leaf extract oil can interfere with several medications as it directly affects drug metabolism. So, it is advisable that before using cannabis oil, you consult a professional for advice. This will ensure safety while also avoiding any unnecessary harmful drug interaction.

Side Effects and Safety

Mostly cannabis leaf extract oil or Vijaya Extract is considered safe for consumption and can be tolerated by the majority of individuals. However, it may show some adverse effects if consumed in large quantities or depending on the individual bodily functions.

These side effects include mild diarrhea, fatigue, and also a change in appetite and weight.

Precautions and Warning

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have recently undergone surgery, it is highly recommended not to consume the cannabis leaf extract oil. While it does have therapeutic properties, it tends to work negatively in case you are under medication. It can also be harmful to the fetus or infant.



Brand – Holi Herb

Model Name – Vijaya Extract

Ideal For – Nutrition

Quantity – 5gms

Potency – 5000mg

Food Preference – Vegetarian

Form – Concentrate Oil

Maximum Shelf Life – 12 Months

Pack of – 1

Prescription Required – Yes

Sales Package – 1 pack

Ingredients – 100% Cannabis Leaf Extract

Country of Origin – India

Important Information:

Storage: In a cool dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

Precautions and Warning: It is recommended to monitor the intake of the Vijaya Extract, in case, you are allergic to the ingredients used in it, or pregnant or have undergone any recent surgery or operation.

Also, if you are suffering from any heart conditions, it is good to consult a professional before opting to take the Vijaya Extract. Keep away from children.

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